So I’ve decided to start a blog…

…And it feels weird, a little scary, and exciting. See, I’ve always loved writing and had a dream once upon a time of being a great journalist. I do write regularly as part of my professional role on topics related to coping with chronic illness and health psychology. But blogging… that’s a very different story. Blogging seems so personal. And as any of my friends would tell you, I’m not quick to share all the personal details of my life. I’m fascinated by other people’s stories and love to hear all about them, but sharing my own seems unnatural. In a social media-obsessed world, I don’t even have Twitter or Instagram! Eventually, though, the creepy feelings I get thinking about people around the world reading my work and knowing about me (ok, maybe that’s a little grandiose) became overwhelmed by my desire to indulge one of my passions and create something. So, riding a wave of confidence powered by a few motivational TED talks (which I’ll share later this week) and some words of encouragement from my husband, here I am.

In the spirit of practicing what I preach, let me start with a little exposure and share some things about myself. I am a clinical psychologist with professional interests in how individuals adjust to and manage chronic illness, how to promote healthy behaviors, and the training of future health professionals. I get really nerdy excited (and not ashamed about it at all) about health psychology, but if I were to pick any other career, it would definitely involve traveling, eating, cooking, writing, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures (if Anthony Bourdain needs to add a psychologist to his crew, I can make myself available). I also enjoy fitness, finding pleasure in the small things in life, and, now, blogging.

My hope for this blog is to have a space to share interesting and/or helpful items related to psychology, wellness, health, and whatever else happens to strike my fancy. I should note that, although I am a psychologist and likely will be posting items related to treatment, this blog is not meant to offer psychological advice nor does it constitute the initiation of a therapeutic relationship. If you read something that you believe would be helpful to discuss with a health professional, I encourage you to do so. You usually can find a psychologist in your area by contacting your state’s psychology licensing board ( is a good place to start). You also can contact your insurance company to locate covered providers in your area.

So, here goes nothing…


3 thoughts on “So I’ve decided to start a blog…

  1. No…here goes EVERYTHING! Sounds like you have a good bit to share. I wish you great success here! Thank you for your visit and please return whenever you can!


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