Breathing Relaxation

I’ve been dreaming of Hawaii ever since my acai bowl yesterday. The waves on Oahu’s North Shore must be amazing this month. I don’t brave them, but just watching is enough for me. Actually, you can enjoy the waves from afar via one of Hawaii’s live surf cams:



(The waves aren’t as impressive in July but beautiful nonetheless.)

While I was there, I took a short video of the surf one evening to use in my own relaxation practice (a similar video I found on YouTube is below). It can be helpful to have something to focus on when doing relaxation breathing, as our minds tend to wander when we are quiet. You can even close your eyes and just listen to the ebb and flow of the surf. A yoga teacher once suggested imagining the breath as a wave rising and receding in the body, which I particularly like. You can find what feels right for you. You just need the basics to get started – a quiet space, an open attitude, relaxed posture, and something to engender focused attention. Then, just breathe. It takes practice to achieve relaxation, so don’t give up if you don’t feel Zen-like after your first attempt.


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