Sticking With It, Part II: Techie Tricks and Tools

Yesterday I posted about environmental tweaks that may help with sticking with a plan for reaching healthy goals. Today I present a list of apps and other services that may add some convenience to engaging in valued activities. Vowed to eat healthier and get in shape? Want to learn a new language or increase your brain power? Just trying to find a little calm in your day? There’s an app for all of that! This certainly is not an exhaustive list (and not an endorsement) – just some I have tried out or read about and found to be interesting/ helpful. Feedback on any of them or other suggestions are welcome!


Diet/ Exercise Apps

Fooducate – track your food and learn what’s really in what you’re eating

MyFitnessPal – enter your daily food intake and exercise to calculate net calories

RunKeeper, MapMyRun, Garmin Fit – use GPS to track your runs

Couch-to-5K – offers a training schedule to ease you into running                                                                                                                




Brainy Apps

Lumosity – give your brain a workout with the rest of your body using challenging games

DuoLingo – offers language courses in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, and English

Vocabology – learn a new vocabulary word each day and seriously impress (or confuse) your friends and co-workers





Wellness Apps

Breathe2Relax – helps you time inhalations and exhalations to practice diaphragmatic breathing

The Mindfulness App – set reminders to practice mindfulness meditation and get guided meditations

Image                 Image


Other Services – make it easier to cook meals at home by having fresh ingredients and recipes delivered right to your door – download running mixes from all different genres to keep you moving – for healthier snacking, with options for special dietary needs


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