Random Acts of Consideration

As a psychologist, I often find myself noticing how the behavior of one person can  affect the behavior of another. For example, over the past few weeks while driving to work in the morning, I have noticed that if I leave a space open at an intersection, the car in the lane next to me often will do the same. I tested my theory by sometimes blocking the intersection and sometimes leaving an opening and, without fail, the other driver followed suit. This isn’t ground-breaking science, but it got me thinking about how important is can be for each us to model prosocial behavior. I’m not talking about pay-it-forward, random acts of kindness gestures (though those certainly are nice, too) but rather modeling an awareness that there are other people around us to consider. Huffington Post recently published an article about the habits of considerate people which supposedly include, among other things, anticipating the needs of other people, having good manners, and being empathetic. These are not behaviors that necessarily take a lot of time or other resources; these are things we can be mindful of in daily activities. Perhaps letting someone in in traffic won’t solve all the world’s problems, but it does signal respect and may decrease another person’s frustration by a margin. What could be bad about that?




One thought on “Random Acts of Consideration

  1. I agree. Myself? I can’t help but be nice, others on the other hand have become so inconsiderate and in a rush and selfish. It’s the world we live in now. I find it so different from when I was little. But I don’t let it tear me down lol. I still have SOME hope. But yes, I agree, I think we are kind of similar to ants with one exception, when one is different and goes in the opposite direction, others start to see different and follow. For example, there are three exit doors, everyone is going out that one for, following the first out. Someone goes out of line to one of the other two doors, therefore “creating” another exit if you follow my drift lol

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