Kitchen Adventures: Brinner

I haven’t had a good brunch (any brunch, really) in a while, which is just a shame. The thing I like most about brunch is that I get to indulge my sweet and salty cravings in the same meal. To make up for my lack of brunching, I did brinner (breakfast for dinner) last night. The centerpiece of brinner was a veggie quiche, made with sautéed onions, spinach, piquillo peppers, and (my personal favorite ingredient) goat cheese, with some herbs de provence for a little extra flavor. I have obtained neither the patience nor the tools to make homemade pie crusts just yet, so I used a pre-made crust. The quiche still turned out great and would’ve been even better with a flaky, hand-made crust. Served alongside a stack of fluffy, chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes and crispy bacon (because what’s breakfast without bacon), this meal satisfied my brunch needs.



My vintage-looking quiche (pre-made crust notwithstanding)

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